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Masters Swimming, Triathlon and Fitness

About Masters:

Hopkins Masters, a program of Genesis Aquatics, was founded by Coach Scott in 1994 with three swimmers.  Over time and by word of mouth the program has grown to over 150 participants.


UM Masters began in the 90's and has had several coaches throughout the years (Coach Jim, Coach Jessica, Coach Ryan, Coach Colin...).  In September of 2015, UM Masters became part of Genesis Aquatics.

There are a wide variety of ages, abilities and goals in a masters practice which combines for great camaraderie and excellent workouts!  New swimmers, former swimmers, triathletes and fitness swimmers enjoy practices directed by coaches who look to provide encouragement, goal times, and stroke/technique tips. 

The friendly, inviting atmosphere along with challenging swimming practices help to provide an enjoyable place for adults to swim and be challenged by practices, goals, themselves, and team mates.


Life, including swimming, is much more enjoyable with others alongside.
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