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Masters Swimming, Triathlon and Fitness

Masters Training:

DAYS/TIMES/LOCATIONS (check calendar to confirm schedule):
  • Monday            5:30am (E), 6:00am (N), 6:20am (E), 7:10am (E), 8:00am (E), 11:30am (UST)

  • Tuesday            5:30am (E), 5:45am (UM) 6:20am (E), 7:10am (E)

  • Wednesday      5:30am (E), 6:00am (N), 6:20am (E), 7:10am (E), 8:00am (E), 11:30am (UST)

  • Thursday          5:30am (E), 5:45am (UM), 6:20am (E), 7:10am (E)

  • Friday               5:30am (E), 6:20am (E), 7:10am (E), 8:00am (E)

  • Saturday           6:00am (N), 7:00am (N)

All practices at Hopkins Eisenhower are 50 min.

All practice at Hopkins North are 1-hr.

All practices at UM are 1-hr. 

All practices at UST are 1-hr.

LOCATIONS KEY (addresses):       

N = Hopkins North Jr. High (10700 Cedar Lake Rd. -- M-F enter north side, door "N"; Sat enter west side)

E = Hopkins Eisenhower Community Center (1001 Hwy. 7 -- enter south side; Community Ctr. entrance)

W = Hopkins West Jr. High School  (3830 Baker Rd. -- enter north side; door "L")  

UM = Universtiy of MN Aquatic Center (1910 University Ave SE -- enter north side by ramp; 5:45a-5:55a)

UST = University of St Thomas (2115 Summit Ave, St Paul MN)

  • All swimmers must be USMS registered (~$50 annual fee)

  • UST:  Mon, Wed (11:30a-12:30p) -- we will add Fri if there is enough interest.
    • Qtr: $225
    • Monthly: $85
    • 5 practice "punch card": $70
    • Drop in: $15
  • UM: Tue, Thu (5:45a-6:45a)
    • Qtr: $225
    • Monthly: $85
    • 5 practice "punch card": $70
    • Drop in: $15
  • HOP: Mon-Fri (5:30a-6:20a, 6:20a-7:10a, 7:10-8:00a); and Mon, Wed, Fri (8:00a-8:50a); Sat @ NJH (6:00a-7:00a, 7:00a-8:00a)
    • ​1x/wk: $65/qtr
    • 2x/wk: $125/qtr
    • 3x/wk: $175/qtr
    • 4x/wk: $225/qtr
    • 5x/wk: $275/qtr
    • 6x/wk: $320/qtr
    • Drop in: $10


Please try commit to a weekly schedule (as much as work/family/life allows) - such as MWF at 6:20am, TTh at 7:20am, MThF at 7:10am, etc.  This helps us identify which days, times, and lanes have room for others to join.


According to swimming ability, each lane works together to complete the scheduled practice (see samples on this page).  The deck coach encourages, directs and critiques throughout the practice.  The average pace times below are intervals/send-offs, not actual swimming paces.

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