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MN Flyers Swim Team


MN Flyers is an AAU and USA Swimming team (authorized by MN Swimming Inc, the Local Swimming Committee of USA Swimming).  We offer weekly practices that are organized by age for optimal development and longevity, we recommend appropriate competitions for motivation and performance assessment, and we enjoy time as a team because "life, including swimming, is far more enjoyable with others alongside."

Vision (who we want to be):

To be an organization that provides a safe, healthy and positive environment for all participants through an exceptional swimming team that offers team-building and service-learning opportunities..


Mission (what we seek to accomplish):

To build and develop character, relationships, swimming skills and

performance for every team member.


Core values (what guides our decisions):

Selflessness, Trust, Ambition, Respect


Objectives (goals):
  1. Grow in respect -- among swimming programs

  2. Grow in size --  local and total membership

  3. Grow in strength -- locally, regionally and nationally

  4. Grow in support -- partnerships with communities, businesses

  5. Grow in coach development -- mentor/training coaches

Strategy/Philosophy (how we plan to accomplish our Mission and reach our Objectives):
  • Quality over Quantity -- repetition is valuable when done correctly (perfect practice makes perfect)

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness -- two of the most important elements of performance to minimize work load and maximize work productivity; done through a focus on Position, Extension, Rotation/Undulation and Propulsion.

  • Purpose in Progressions -- simple, meaningful, intentional and appropriate steps to follow for improvement and mastery.


What type of character do we seek to develop?

Below is a sampling of character attributes we think are worth developing... one for each letter in the alphabet:

Ambitious, Brave, Creative, Disciplined, Encouraging, Friendly, Generous, Humble, Inspiring, Judicious, Kind,

Loyal, Motivated, Noteworthy, Obedient, Punctual, Quick, Respectful, Selfless, Trustworthy, Uplifting, Victorious,
Wise, X-traordinary (had to use the "C" attribute to make an "X" attribute), Young-at-heart, and Zealous!


What do members say about the program?

"Our son is really enjoying the swim team.... he has shown a big improvement in a very short period of time."


"Thanks for all you are doing. I am so happy to see the Flyers looking so good."


"I am amazed at my kids' progress as well as that of others...  I honestly didn’t know until this season began what real coaching was... I am so excited about the future of this team as well as my own kids’ swimming experience."




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