MN Flyers Swim Team


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  In which group should I register my son/daughter?
  • First by LOCATION: We have 5 locations... Which is most convenient?

  • Second by AGE:  Register your son/daughter based on their age.  If they age up (turn 9, 11 or 13) during a session, register them in the age group they will be in at the end of the session.

  • Third by ABILITY:  Register your son/daughter to practice with similar abilities/levels skill and performance.


2. Can we do a 1-week trial?

ABSOLUTELY!  New swimmers to MFLY are welcome to do a 1-week trial... Test the water!  Meet the coaches!  See how it goes!  If your swimmer chooses to continue after the trial week, they must be registered prior to their next practice. Please  EMAIL to request a trial week.


3. What are the dues and fees?
  • Each location has different fees based on facility rental, etc.

  • Each plan has three options for dues:

(a) full season (fall/winter and/or spring/summer)

(b) one session (fall, winter, spring or summer)
(c) month-to-month, for those with changing schedules and/or wanting to "test the waters" for more than 1-week. 

  • All sites have additional fees associated with being part of  AAU / USA Swimming (USAS registration, meets, equipment, etc.).

4.  How do I register and/or pay?

Click on the "Registration" tab at the top of the page.


5.  Can my son/daughter just attend the practices on days that work best for our schedule?

We would love to give everyone a perfect scenario... However, if we make accommodations for every request, then we compromise our structural integrity; and if we make accommodations for only a few, then we compromise our character of integrity.